Welcome to Drode Atelier

We are your source for design, prototyping, small batch manufacturing, tools for leather craft and sewing, along with classes and services on sewing machines. From concept to creation, we bring your dream to life.

Drode Atelier now offers custom shoes, shoe repair, pattern making, leather goods repair, custom bags, and accessories.

We are not associated with any brand or manufacturer, but we do customize, repair and refurbish products of many kinds. Email us at bryan@drodeatelier.com today to begin the process.
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  • Leather Tools

    Quality Products You Trust

    Made with the finest material and hand-crafted with care. Each piece is one of a kind.

  • We are Your Guide on Your Journey

    Whether you need help setting up or adjusting your sewing machine or using your tools, we can facilitate either online or in-person.

  • Bring Your Ideas to Fruition

    We can help you prototype your idea and bring it to life- from concept to final product! We specialize in sourcing every aspect of your project.

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