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Renia Rehagol- Primer for Thermoplastic Rubber (TR)

Renia Rehagol is a halogenating agent for chemically preparing thermoplastic rubber (TR), latex, and soft rubber. It is ideal for unit/cup soles and incompatible CR- and PUR-based cements. Pre-treatment with Renia Rehagol is essential for proper bonding. To test for TR or latex, apply drops of Renia deSohl and check for solubility and surface dissolution when wiped with a towel. For latex, pre-treatment with Renia Rehagol is recommended.

Can be used with Colle de Cologne, MULTI-Colle, Syntic-TOTAL, and Aquilim 130. Reaction time: 15-30 min.

8.4 oz (250 mL) bottle, each sold separately. Access the technical sheet here. Ships via ground only.

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